Sustainability EVENT

Serpens (SDGs)

2 days | Grades 10 to 12 | 2 participants

Embark on an exhilarating journey of intellectual exploration as students from diverse backgrounds converge in a captivating competition centered on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This transformative arena serves as a catalyst for young minds to unleash their innovative spirits and forge visionary solutions that tackle pressing global challenges. With passion and conviction, students channel their creativity to address the complex interplay of poverty, inequality, climate change, and more. Esteemed judges, awe-inspired by their remarkable ideas, evaluate and celebrate the most impactful contributions, fostering a spirit of collaboration and collective action. Through this inspiring competition, a new generation of change-makers emerges, poised to shape a future where the SDGs become a thriving reality, leaving an indelible mark on humanity's journey toward a sustainable and equitable world.

Rules and Regulations

  • No electronic gadgets are required.
  • Extra materials will be required for day 2, the qualifying groups will be informed of it towards the end of day 1.
  • A notebook and pen to be carried.