Science EVENT

Nova (Physics)

2 Days | Grades 8 and 9 | 3 participants

Get your spacesuits and lab coats ready to venture through the world of physics, astronomy, and electronics with scientific intuition as your only torch-bearer through the dark. Exploit the philosophy of scientific phenomena to create majestic designs, think quick on your feet, and emerge victorious in an ocean of hidden potential. Challenges await you, whether it is contemplating the future of the universe, or designing a vehicle to manoeuvre an obstacle-ridden path. Do you have what it takes to lay the foundation for future scientific achievements? Find out through Nova!

Rules and Regulations

  • Each team must carry a laptop, iPad, or phone with a dongle or good mobile hotspot for the event.
  • Students will not be allowed to use any search engines unless directed to do so by the event heads.
  • Use of unfair means will not be tolerated and the team will be disqualified immediately if caught.