Sustainability EVENT

Lacerta (Sustainable Cities)

2 days | Grades 8 and 9 | 2 or 3 participants

Step into the realm of boundless imagination and ecological consciousness as a captivating competition beckons students to unleash their visionary ideas for sustainable cities. This extraordinary arena summons young minds, igniting the sparks of creativity and ingenuity. With fervent enthusiasm, students craft their ideas, envisioning urban landscapes that harmonize with nature, embrace renewable resources, and prioritize social inclusivity. Esteemed judges, enlightened by their passion, assess these ideas, recognizing the most remarkable and groundbreaking concepts that pave the way for future cities. Through this spirited competition, a symphony of youthful brilliance resonates, inspiring a collective commitment to build cities that thrive in harmony with the environment, fostering a sustainable legacy for generations to come.

Rules and Regulations

  • Each team must have atleast one laptop.
  • Extra materials will be required for day 2. The qualified groups will be informed of it towards the end of day 1.
  • Notebook and pen to be carried.