Literary EVENT

Hydra (Writing)

1 day | Grades 8 and 9 | 4 participants

A voyage into the unknown necessitates the possession of valor, grit and utmost prudence. Traverse through twisting timbers and across the raging seas to find within yourself ingenuity ready to be unleashed. Come out the other end with an unparalleled sense of valiance and a story that compares to no other. Does your ragtag team of adventurers bear the gumption and genius required to brandish your swords and unveil it to the cosmos, or will you fall through, broken and battered?

Rules and Regulations

  • Teams must bring their own writing tools, only paper will be provided to them.
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate disqualification.
  • No use of devices (mobile phones, laptops, smartwatches, etc) or any external sources is allowed.
  • If a team is found cheating, utilising chatbots or copying from other teams, they will be disqualified immediately.